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Yvan Arpa

The genuine transformer of the swiss watch industry

According Wikipedia and some prominent journalists,Yvan Arpa is a Swiss’s watch industry phenomena. 
He started his career as a mathematics professor. After participating in professional martial art combats in Thailand and crossing Papua New Guinea by foot, he came back to his roots in Switzerland. In 1997, he joined the Richemont Group for Baume & Mercier as Managing Director for Switzerland and Sales Director for Europe and Asia. From 2002 to 2006 he acted as Managing Director for Hublot, driving the launch of the Big Bang.

From 2006 to 2009 he was the CEO of Romain Jerome, revolutionized the whole industry by creating watches with rusted steel from the Titanic and real moon dust

In 2009 Yvan Arpa created his own company called Luxury Artpieces and he launched the brands below :

- ArtyA. The brand is characterized by the unconventional raw materials used, such as butterfly wings, real bullets, fossilized dinosaur droppings, real spiders, boxes strucked by lightning, tobacco leaves etc, the one and only brand in the high end watch industry proposing unique pieces 1/1, not only for its complication.

- Black Belt Watch. Inspired by the seven virtues, the samurai code of conduct and associated with the Bushido warrior, the brand also proposes a watch exclusively for the black belts in Martial Arts.

From 2010 to 2011, he acted as COO of Jacob&Co.

At Basel World 2013, he launched Spero Lucem watch, named in honor of his birth city Geneva. For this project, Yvan Arpa also created exclusive pens and knifes.

At last, Yvan Arpa personalized a motorbikes, which took more than 1'000 hours to sculpt and customize, with heavy artillery incrusted at the back, in the shape of

a XXL shaped bullet belt.

In 2016, Yvan Arpa designed the smartwatch Gear S3 for Samsung, which is the
first smartwatch using high-end watchmaking codes. He also presents the Samsung Gear S3 in Berlin, at its International Launch Event.

According to hodinkee and due to his incredible life history "Yvan Arpa is a strong candidate to be the Most interesting Man in the World, Swiss Edition".


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