In 2016, Yvan Arpa designed the smartwatch Gear S3 for Samsung, which is the first smartwatch using high-end watchmaking codes.

He also presents the Samsung Gear S3
in Berlin, at its International Launch Event.

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of the Samsung Gear S3

In 2009 Yvan Arpa created his own company ArtyA. The ArtyA Trademark is synonymous with the highest Quality, Innovation, Creativity and Avant Garde Concepts.The brand is characterized by
the unconventional raw materials it uses
as butterfly wings, real bullets, fossilized dinosaur droppings, real spiders, boxes strucked by lightning, tobacco leaves etc

Ceo and creator of artya

”At first glance, this project might seem a bit like a provocation but in fact, it is truly a gesture of gratitude, a homage
to long-standing Swiss watchmaking tradition. One’s heritage evolves through time, as it must, and tradition loses

its meaning when it no longer moves forward. It’s important to continue to innovate, and to build something new
for the next torchbearers.

– Yvan Arpa

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" Five famous melted-down fine watches  to create a new watch ! "






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